Terms And Conditions

Hotel Information: All hotel information is correct as time of publishing. If you find an incorrect phone number or link, please email info@newyorktoursnyc.com.

Refunds: Matador Tours Inc does not give refunds to anyone who has successfully been returned to their hotels after receiving a tour. Matador Tours Inc does not refund deposits unless there is a cancellation.

Language: Unless otherwise advertised. All tours will be in English.

Children: Children 3 through 11 years pay the "Child" rate. Children 12 and over will be charged the full "Adult" fare.

Infants: Accompanied Children, 2 years and under travel for free; children traveling under this provision are not entitled to a separate seat.

Pets: No pets are allowed on the tour.

Route Changes: Matador Tours Inc reserves the right to change times, routes and stops due to: traffic, fairs, parades, state visits, special events, or for the safety and comfort of passengers and staff.

Attractions: Matador Tours cannot guarantee access to all attractions & monuments on the tour. Reasons for lack of access may include but are not limited to: closure, long lines, safety.

Personal Belongings: Personal belongings are your responsibility. Our friendly staff will do our best protect anything left on the bus, however if anything accidently gets lost or left behind, Matador Tours Inc does not assume any responsibility.

Times: Published times are approximate and may change, due to volume, staff, traffic, weather and other factors.

Disruptive Passengers: If on a rare occasion, a customer or child is disrupting the tour so that the tour cannot continue safely and/or comfortably for the rest of our guests, that customer/ those customers will be escorted off the bus and given refund without the deposit. Directions to their next destination will also be provided. Either the bus driver or tour guide has the final word on a disruptive passenger.

Cancellations: Matador Tours Inc reserves the right to cancel any tour if enough passengers cannot be found.

Late customers: Our buses pick up at many hotels on a daily basis. Please be on time or early. If a guest is not ready at the appointed time, our tours cannot be held up for one group. No refunds will be provided for the deposit.

Discounts: Matador Tours Inc cannot offer discounts at this time.

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